Custom wristbands

Give your brand a boost with custom wristbands. You'll get maximum exposure when your organization's logo or slogan is worn on the wrists of all your guests like a mini billboard. 

Custom printing on your wristbands can also help generate revenue for your business. Many sponsors will help pay for your wristband program (sponsorship) if you make arrangements with them to print their logos on your customized wristbands. You can also print special offers on the bands as part of a sales promotion to increase sales. Wristbands feature a larger surface area  for customized printing and added visibility. Ideal to use for dark environments such as night clubs and bars or outdoor venues where patrons can be afar such as festivals and theme parks. By printing your own text or logo not only do you improve the visual impact of the band, but you also raise the level of security by reducing the risk of counterfeiting. Although black print remains the most popular colour since it shows well on most coloured backgrounds, other print colours are available. However, please be aware that some colours do not always reproduce perfectly on some solid colours. We provide a 5 day delivery service as standard.  
Our samples gallery: